[lug] fork from network drives as backup

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Jul 28 10:41:43 MDT 2006

Paul E Condon wrote:

> own homegrown substitute the net-install. Other distributions may not
> spend the effort that Debian does to segregate fixed and variable
> data. YMMV

:%s/may not/definitely do not/g


In theory the totally screwed up mess and multi-year project known as 
the the FHS was supposed to help this.

But distros still don't FULLY support it due to the usual childish 
engineering bickering about standards, and lack of interest in anything 
that might take away from each distro's niche markets.

These underlying filesystem differences, which are so prevalent in 
Linux, but totally unnecessary from a purely technical standpoint.

(But, probably from a purely human standpoint, they're all necessary 
because people are hardwired not to be able to get along... GRIN.)


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