[lug] Installfest in 4 weeks.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Jul 30 16:25:44 MDT 2006

Installfest is coming!  Mark your calendar for August 26th and make sure 
you're there.  Details at:


I hear BarCampDenver is happening that weekend.  If anyone has any ideas 
for making installfest a BarCamp field site I'd be happy to hear them.

There are a couple of people the past few weeks that didn't seem to be 
able to fix their problems with help from the lists.  If that's you, 
bring the box and we'll play stump the guru.  Come on out!

I'll have blank CDs there to make copies of whatever distros show up. 
We had a lot of luck with the etch business card CD (network install) 
last time.  If you want a particular distro speak up while there's still 
time for me to grab it and burn it.

Hope to see you there!  Great excuse to stay out of the big blue room
even though it's a weekend. ;-)


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