[lug] Co-location space

Jason Vallery jason at vallery.net
Mon Jul 31 21:15:06 MDT 2006

Hey all,

I don't mean to make a commercial post on here, however I thought there
might be some people in the community that would be interested.  My partner
and I have a rack in the Reveal Systems data center in Longmont.  We aren't
utilizing the entire thing to capacity and have about 6U of space
remaining.  We wanted to offer up the remaining space for sub-lease at $75/U
(which is a steal).  The network is fully redundant with the primary being a
100Mbps connection to Qwest, backup power (both UPS and generator), and 24/7
card access (basically, you would have access to our cage so we would need
to establish some trust with you, but if we feel comfortable with you then
we can get you a card).  The data center is Located in Longmont in a
non-descript building behind Old Chicago.

If anyone is interested or has questions drop me an email or a phone call at

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