[lug] PCI-X question

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 1 10:55:00 MDT 2006

David L. Anselmi wrote:
> Gary Hodges wrote:
> [...]
>> Thanks for your comments.  I did double check that the card is 
>> backward compatible and it is.  The PCI slots are v2.2 so run at 66 
>> MHz.  Does that put limit at ~260 MB/s?  The video card will be in a 
>> PCI Express slot and the NIC (Gigabit) is on-board.  There won't be 
>> any other cards.
> The real question is, do your video, NIC, and PCI slots share the same 
> data path to the CPU?  More at:
> http://www.samag.com/documents/s=9408/sam0411b/0411b.htm

Thanks Dave.  I just read the article.  The writer convinced me that 
Opteron systems implemented correctly are good.  The AM2 seems to be an 
update of the 939 CPUs to take advantage of DDR2 memory.  Lots of 
details and it starts getting confusing to me, but I think I'm somewhat 
safe in assuming the good things about 939 have been rolled into AM2.

In reply to D.Stimits.  I only looked at a couple sites (Newegg and 
mwave), but I only found two single Opteron MBs with PCI-X and neither 
have PCI Express.  It seems PCI-X and PCI Express are mutually exclusive 
on single CPU MBs.  I saw a couple ~$500 SMP boards with both.


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