[lug] Installfest in 3 weeks.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Aug 5 19:10:03 MDT 2006

What distros do you want at installfest?  Let me know so I can start 
downloading.  (Let's see, 56kbps x 3 weeks = 10GB of download time left. 
  Don't forget there are 10 bits per byte on dialup.)

Bear (on the BLUG list) suggested using an NSLU2 to make a boot server 
and package repository.  Then you could netboot, pick your distro, and 
get going without dealing with CDs (assuming your NIC supports PXE).

I don't have a NSLU2, but I do have a spare box.  So maybe I'll put the 
ISOs on it and see if it works.  (Having ISOs would enable us to burn 
CDs for those who want them and save the Internet connection for more 
fun things.)

Mark your calendar, August 26th.  The big blue room won't have AC that 
day so you don't want to be in it.



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