[lug] Installfest next Saturday.

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Mon Aug 21 17:37:08 MDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-08-21 at 17:16 -0600, Nate Duehr wrote:
> I guess I "get it" a little more, but eventually it's going to come down 
> to a fob that stays on your person, in a pocket or keyring that if the 
> laptop is more than X distance from you it won't operate.  I swear.

You can do this (I leave the details as an exercise for the student, of
course. :-)

Use a Bluetooth cell-phone as the "fob", when the laptop loses the
association, activate the screen-saver lock and schedule a shutdown or
suspend-to-disk for 30 seconds.

If it happens accidentally, that gives the user time to enter the
password and stop the shutdown.

More exciting would be to pack the laptop drive in thermite and short
the battery pack through the igniter.  Not for those who forget to
charge their cell phone. :->
Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org>
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