[lug] Trouble Making Discs of Fedora Core 5

Bill Thoen bthoen at gisnet.com
Tue Aug 22 15:39:32 MDT 2006

I'm trying to get a good set of CD's for Fedora Core 5 and seem to be 
having a lot of trouble. I downloaded the iso images from different 
sites over several days (they take hours to download even using a T1 
connection!) and I've burned them on to CD's. So far only disc 5 passes 
the "check CD test" that appears when you first start the install. I've 
created these CD's using 3 different Windows machines and 1 Linux box 
(all but the new Windows machine are *known* to be able to create good 
CDs too, and the Windows box is brand new and it's the one I want to 
replace with FC5.) I also ran the CD test on 2 different 64-bit machines 
and discs 1-4 fail every time. Then I tried downloading a new image of 
disc 1 from one of the Red Hat mirrors and wasted a couple more CD's 
trying to make them work.

At first I thought it might be a problem related to image size, but even 
the rescue disc failed. All I've got for my efforts so far is a good 
disc 5. Since I've tried several machines my assumption now is that the 
images are bad or are getting corrupted during the transfer (or the CD 
test doesn't work). For downloading the iso images, I'm using the same 
method I've used in the past for FC2 and FC4, and those worked. One 
thing that's different though is that I'm taking the 64-bit version 
rather than the i386 because the machine I want to install FC5 on has an 
AMD Athlon 64 CPU.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Is that CD test even reliable? 
When I burn the CDs, I use test-and-write, and that process reports no 
errors. I just don't want to get into the middle of the install and have 
everything stop dead.

- Bill Thoen

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