[lug] Trouble Making Discs of Fedora Core 5

Calvin Dodge caldodge at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 19:25:40 MDT 2006

On 8/22/06, bof <bof at pcisys.net> wrote:
> The advice in the other reply about slowing down the burn rate is good
> and I would try that and then go ahead with the installation.

An interesting data point regarding slowing down burns comes from
Robert Thompson, of O'Reilly "PC Hardware in a Nutshell" fame.

He recently ran some tests with a 16x Plextor DVD burner, burning at
16x, 12x, 8x and 4x.

His results: 16x was good, 12x was near-perfect, 8x was slightly
nearer-perfect than 12x, and 4x was AWFUL.

So you might try burning at, say, 75% of your maximum drive speed. It
also helps to use good CDs - Verbatim seems to be the best available


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