[lug] Trouble Making Discs of Fedora Core 5

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Tue Aug 22 20:03:59 MDT 2006


> Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Is that CD test even reliable? 
> When I burn the CDs, I use test-and-write, and that process reports no 
> errors. I just don't want to get into the middle of the install and 
> have everything stop dead.

Just wanted to say that with some old CD burners and cd's from local 
sale items, I've had near 100% failure in a similar way to what you 
report. I just replaced the cd burner with a dvd burner that was around 
$45, but I did some research and it seems to be far above average on 
results (although some people received a unit that didn't work at all). 
Well, long story short, I ended picking up the previously recommended 
Taiyo Yuden CD-R, and have had ZERO failures. This is both at home and 
at work. I just finished burning a very large batch of CD's at work 
(probably 1.5 TB, it exceeded the large RAID system capacity), and had 
ZERO failures from the Taiyo Yuden. Prior to this I'd been trashing a 
lot of other CD brands. The cd burner at work would not even recognize 2 
or 3 out of 4 other brands as even being in the drive...then about 2 or 
3 out of 4 would not pass SHA1 checksums from other drives. Threw away 
close to 3/4 of a 100 pack of those others. Burned most of the 100 pack 
of Taiyo Yuden without a single failure.

In the past I had the same miserable results on fedora CD burns as you 
did. I ended up resorting to mounting them on loopback on apache on and 
old P2, and doing an install via network...all you need is to get the 
install started for this to work, you just need to be able to start CD 
install, and the rest is over the net (incidentally, this is WAY faster 
than by CD, with no CD changing). I found on my earlier failures I could 
get the ISO to download and the checksum was good, but I could not dd 
the iso back off of the burned cd without all kinds of errors. This cd 
player has since met the trash can. If you can't dd the device special 
file back to an iso which sha1sum's the same as the original, then 
either the cd or the drive or both are defective.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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