[lug] Trouble Making Discs of Fedora Core 5

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Tue Aug 22 22:21:15 MDT 2006

Calvin Dodge wrote:

> On 8/22/06, D. Stimits <stimits at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Ryan Fligg wrote:
>> Incidentally, the Taiyo Yuden's I burned were at a higher speed than any
>> other disk. The brands that failed took a long time to burn even when
>> they worked...the Taiyo Yuden's just breeze along at stated speeds.
> Taiyo Yuden is ALSO high on Robert Thompson's list. Where did you get 
> yours?

I got them at more than one place, but for work, I settled on 
cdr-dvdr.com. The sites I found by searching from Sean's blog seemed to 
be faster (and reasonable price), but cdr-dvdr.com was good and also the 
cheapest. So far I've gone through roughly two packs of 100 (it was 
actually a pack of 100 and several 50's), the 100's are more of a 
bargain on price (it seemed to be a significant improvement too). I've 
burned maybe a dozen Taiyo Yuden DVD's as well, none have failed. Makes 
me wonder if they sell double-layer DVD-R's...I have not looked but if I 
decide I want them I'll definitely try to find that brand first.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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