[lug] Trouble Making Discs of Fedora Core 5

Charles Hutchinson chutchin at geekboi.org
Tue Aug 22 22:23:17 MDT 2006

> In the past I had the same miserable results on fedora CD burns as you
> did. I ended up resorting to mounting them on loopback on apache on and
> old P2, and doing an install via network...all you need is to get the
> install started for this to work, you just need to be able to start CD
> install, and the rest is over the net (incidentally, this is WAY faster
> than by CD, with no CD changing). I found on my earlier failures I could
> get the ISO to download and the checksum was good, but I could not dd
> the iso back off of the burned cd without all kinds of errors. This cd
> player has since met the trash can. If you can't dd the device special
> file back to an iso which sha1sum's the same as the original, then
> either the cd or the drive or both are defective.

You can do a net install without having to "mount" the ISO images.  This
can be done with an NFS, FTP or HTTP connection.  You can boot with the
floppy image, a flash disk image or even a very small CD image.


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