[lug] Drive Imaging between dissimilar drives?

Lori Reed lorireed at lightning-rose.com
Fri Aug 25 19:15:37 MDT 2006

siegfried wrote:
> I purchased and installed Norton ghost and it did not work. 
> After talking to Norton Ghost tech support in India over a period of several
> weeks (where, for $30, they tried to fix my problem by logging into my
> machine and downloading partition magic), they now inform me that my
> hardware vendor needs to reflash my bios because my windows XP partition
> extends beyond the end of my disk.
> Does this make any sense to you? Does anyone have any better ideas?
> Reflashing BIOSes scares me: it seems like an effective way to make door
> stops.

It makes no sense to me. Reflashing the bios is, in principle, no big 
deal, but a new version of the bios is not going to help a faulty 
partition. It's possible your bios can't handle a drive of the capacity 
you're trying to install, but that's not the same thing as a partition 
extending beyond the end of a disk.

I'd delete all partitions and start over from scratch. In fact, this is 
what I do for my semi annual windows re-install. And I use Norton Ghost 
to restore my basic Win-XP partition.


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