[lug] FC5 Cursor Not Showing

Calvin Dodge caldodge at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 16:47:36 MDT 2006

On 8/26/06, Bill Thoen <bthoen at gisnet.com> wrote:
> I recently set up a new machine with Fedora Core 5, but when I create a
> new user (or run startx for the first time in the morning) the graphic
> cursor fails to show. So I reboot the machine and then when I run startx
> this time the cursor shows normally. The machine's default runlevel is
> 3, and the text mouse cursor shows up fine.
> Does anyone know what's causing this and/or how I fix it?

Any chance this is embedded Nvidia?  I've had that problem with it.

It's possible that you can fix this by setting X to use a software
cursor (no, I haven't tried it yet).

In /etc/X11/xorg.conf, there will be a "Device" section. You might try
inserting "SWCursor On" in that section, then restarting X to see if
that solves it.


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