[lug] local EEPRO gigabit dealers?

Calvin Dodge caldodge at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 10:47:26 MDT 2006

On 9/25/06, Garett Shulman <shulmang at colorado.edu> wrote:
> Why not buy online? I didn't know there where even any actual physical
> retail establishments left ;)

For me the problem with most retail establishments is their limited
selection. Prices are sometimes an issue, too, though a few retailers
("PC Parts and Supplies" in Loveland is one) are pretty competitive
with web sites, especially for bulky items like cases.

For example, every major retailer I've seen here (with the exception
of Micro Center) carries only Belkin cables. Granted, Belkin cables
are pretty good (unlike their crappy electronics in KVMs, UPSes, and
network hubs), but they are kinda expensive. When I have an emergency
need for, say, a PS/2 to USB adapter, I'd like to pay less than $20
for such a simple piece of hardware.

Web stores have the "long tail" advantage, so the best (not
necessarily the most popular) brands are more available there.
Compare, say, the selection of NICs at CompUSA (who seem to have more
brands available than Circuit City, for example) to the selection at
Newegg.com. IIRC CompUSA has 4-5 brands, while Newegg has as 28 at
this moment.

I think if you want Intel NICs locally you'll need to look for
corporate computer parts suppliers, and you'll pay a premium for
patronizing them.


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