[lug] Hosting Question

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Fri Sep 29 14:31:59 MDT 2006

Ted Logan wrote:
> and you have to worry about the hardware failing and the power dying
> and your (cat|child|spouse|houseguest) kicking it at the wrong time --
> no doubt when you're in no position to do anything about it.

That's certainly true but on the other hand I've had cheap hosting 
vendors flake out in various ways, which sometimes includes their 
support, which I thought was good when I signed up (and maybe it was), 
flaking out as well.  Another way I've had them flake out is just go 
poof and disappear 100%.  Support lines disconnected and everything.

Certainly if you're doing some kind of production quality hosting you 
can keep up on the vendor and make sure their support is still good, or 
etc.  Or you can pay big $$ for a top tier vendor.  But if you're 
looking for something cheap that doesn't require a lot of attention to 
maintenance, that kind of defeats the purpose.

So both ways have their issues.

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