[lug] Hosting Question

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Fri Sep 29 16:50:40 MDT 2006

> Also, this included having no way whatsoever to retrieve our data.   We
> had to use only our off site backups to bring the service up with
> another hosting vendor.  So definitely have independent off-site backups
> always, including third party software distributions and/or installers
> that you may not be able to download from their origin when you need to
> reinstall them.

Offiste backups are a great idea.. I've done remote backups using rsync on
a local network and on a very limited basis over the public network from
work to home.

When setting up *my* production webservers though, i want to make sure my
nw backups are locked down (as secure as possible).

Any thoughts on securing rysync over the public nw?
Or maybe there is another nw backup method/service i could/should be using
other than rsync?

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