[lug] Hosting Question

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Fri Sep 29 16:55:17 MDT 2006

> Ted Logan wrote:
>> and you have to worry about the hardware failing and the power dying
>> and your (cat|child|spouse|houseguest) kicking it at the wrong time --
>> no doubt when you're in no position to do anything about it.
> That's certainly true but on the other hand I've had cheap hosting
> vendors flake out in various ways, which sometimes includes their
> support, which I thought was good when I signed up (and maybe it was),
> flaking out as well.  Another way I've had them flake out is just go
> poof and disappear 100%.  Support lines disconnected and everything.
> Certainly if you're doing some kind of production quality hosting you
> can keep up on the vendor and make sure their support is still good, or
> etc.  Or you can pay big $$ for a top tier vendor.  But if you're
> looking for something cheap that doesn't require a lot of attention to
> maintenance, that kind of defeats the purpose.
> So both ways have their issues.

So who do you use for your website?  Or do you host at home?

thanks for the input

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