[lug] Hosting Question

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Fri Sep 29 17:24:12 MDT 2006

>> i'm wondering how feasible it is to host a *responsive* 24x7 server from
>> home versus colocating or going with a host provider.  i do have linux
> Co-location is usually a pretty expensive option. OTOH, it's the one
> that gives you the most control You're responsible for the machine
> entirely. I think the cheapest you could find co-location for would be
> $100 per month for 1U of rack-space.

who do you use for your co-location? you mentioned frii but i think that
was purely for home based isp..

> There are some real advantages to co-location, but it's pretty expensive
> and takes a fair amount of expertise to keep going. There's also the
> issue of fault tolerance. I keep spare drives and power supplies on hand
> for my servers. But, if a server dies then I'm on the hook for getting a
> new one up to the facility.

do you run separate email/dns servers?

> Everyone has their preferences. I've been pretty happy with FRII for
> many years.

good to know..

> There's a news group for web masters. alt.www.webmaster. About 1/3rd of

thanks for the tip

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