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dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Tue Oct 3 14:26:08 MDT 2006

i was working at a place a couple years ago where we used a cvs/bugzilla
combo.   at that time (it may not be the same today), bugzilla worked but
it wasn't exactly integrated with cvs so they functioned like two separate
systems.  ideally you want a bug tracking system that is more tightly
integrated with your source control (e.g. fixes/checkins automatically
update the bug tracking system so that they are tracked in relation to a
given bug/release).

for example because bugzilla wasn't tightly integrated with cvs, it meant
we had to enforce a *verbal* policy with regards to naming releases and
fixes, etc and making sure those same naming conventions were used on both
systems.  that meant someone had to coordinate between the two systems and
make sure they were in synch - more maintenance and more chances for
errors.  it also makes everything more difficult and confusing for
everyone involved.

So, regardless of the system you choose it's always better to have an
integrated tracking/source control system, where the functionality is
encapsulated under one app/umbrella.  that said, i'm not sure if any open
source bug tracking systems give you that flexibility or not.

one other thing to think about is "nomenclature".  bugzilla had pretty
defined ways (and if i remember very limiting/inflexible) of setting up
products, releases, subreleases, etc for tracking.  regardless of the
system you choose, it's better to spend the time and pick a scheme that
works up front because trying to change this after you start tracking is

btw, i've heard that subversion is pretty good.  i believe it has better
and more intuitive branching/thread support than cvs as well as some other
features so you probably can't go wrong there.

hope the tips help regardless of the system you pick

> Hello BLUG,
>   I'm looking at replacing an old StarTeam source control / bug
> reporting system.  Svn is a current favorite since at least some of
> development has used it before, it's maintained, you can get
> documentation for it, etc.  This means I also get a new bug tracking
> system, since we'll be (thankfully) dropping the StarTeam bug
> tracking, too.
> My first inclination is to go with trac (http://trac.edgewall.org).
> 1) I know it exists, 2) It integrates with svn, 3) It's written in
> python, 4) The only guy I know who has used trac for bug tracking
> integrated with svn likes it.
> Has anyone else used trac successfully, or have a different favorite?
> --
> Thanks for the help,
>  Andrew
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