[lug] Coloc / VPS Plus Outside DNS & Email

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Tue Oct 3 15:03:45 MDT 2006


this is an offshoot of the previous hosting thread.

regarding colocation/vps.. i was initially pretty gung ho to host my own
webserver, nameserver and email.  mostly because i can.

but the more i think about it, i really only need to host my own
webserver.  that's because my registrar godaddy(and most registrars)
already provide email and i believe  a default nameserver for the price of
the registration.  i simply change the registrar's zone file to point to
my vps/coloc webserver and i'm good to go.  if i should happen to host a
few other sites from others, i basically have them do the same thing. 
they have to register anyway.

ok.  i do give up control and (probably the biggest thing) from a mail
perspective i give up privacy.  however, i lessen the complexity and
number of potential security holes and traffic on my VPS/coloc server
because now it's only running a webserver not webserver/mail/DNS.  i have
more disk space and more processing power for the webserver as well.

note, this all assumes that my registrar is doing a good job of managing
both the service and security of my mail and nameservers.

in the event that i start running a lot of websites on my server, managing
mail and name services externally in a distributed manner might be a
challenge but for the short term, my needs are relatively small.  i can
grow into adding DNS/email services locally over time and focus on my
webserving activites now.

anybody have thoughts on this subject based upon experience.  both
advantages and disadvantages or something i might be overlooking or should
be thinking about?

thanks in advance

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