[lug] Serial port IR receiver

Lori Reed lorireed at lightning-rose.com
Wed Oct 4 13:50:00 MDT 2006

John Hernandez wrote:

> Folks, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a serial (or USB, I
> suppose) IR receiver that can be used with LIRC to accept codes from a
> typical universal remote control.  To be clear, I'm not looking for one
> that requires a dedicated remote, which appear to be abundant.
> I found references to the IRman and IRA-3, but they seem sort of
> expensive for what they are.  Other than building my own (which I'm on
> the verge of doing, but would rather not spend the time) are there any
> suggestions from the group?

Yesterday I installed one of these


on my Win-ME mp3 jukebox and it worked right out of the box (thinkgeek 
has a link for linux drivers, but I haven't tried them).

As far as universal remote compatibility, that depends on what remote 
you use. A learning remote would probably work, but I've been using one 
of these


for several months and have been very pleased with it. It's the first UR 
  I've tried that actually controls my a/v devices the way I want it 
too. The only downside is that it requires Win-xx s/w to configure it.


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