[lug] Serial port IR receiver

Ben bluey at iguanaworks.net
Wed Oct 4 15:27:16 MDT 2006

I'll plug my friend's IR transceiver. They have a serial version and a 
beta of a usb version. Both developed and tested on Linux / LIRC.  
Transmit range is ~10 meters. Serial kit is $25, assembled $30, and the 
usb $40.  They have the schematic posted, so if you want to build your 
own, its probably a nice starting place.

More information at  http://www.iguanaworks.net/ir/


John Hernandez wrote:
> Folks, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a serial (or USB, I
> suppose) IR receiver that can be used with LIRC to accept codes from a
> typical universal remote control.  To be clear, I'm not looking for one
> that requires a dedicated remote, which appear to be abundant.
> I found references to the IRman and IRA-3, but they seem sort of
> expensive for what they are.  Other than building my own (which I'm on
> the verge of doing, but would rather not spend the time) are there any
> suggestions from the group?
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