[lug] HTTP Tunneling

Dan Ferris dan at usrsbin.com
Thu Oct 5 22:20:43 MDT 2006

Dear List,

I have helped a friend set up a DansGuardian Proxy filtering system for 
her school district in Missouri.  The Firewall blocks all traffic to the 
internet period.  The only traffic allowed to the net is via the 
DansGuardian Proxy server.  When I say everything is blocked, I mean 
everything.  None of the common VPN protocols will work (IPSec, PPTP, 
L2TP etc), HTTPS will not work, and I'm pretty sure that OpenVPN won't 
work (I'm not 100% sure about this we would have to test).

I'm convinced the only way around the proxy server is via a CGI proxy 
which we can deal with via DansGuardian, or by HTTP tunneling.

So my question to the list is:

Does anybody know an easy way to detect HTTP tunneling?  I have never 
used it before.  At the moment I'm thinking the easiest way is to look 
for long periods of large data transfers via HTTP.  Am I on the right track?


Dan Ferris

I like to think of Jesus as an Ice Dancer, dressed in an all-white jumpsuit, and doing an interpretive dance of my life. 

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