[lug] Kernel reorders SCSI drives.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Oct 31 18:36:31 MST 2006

George Sexton wrote:
> This is why you should label your disk partitions, and edit your fstab 
> file to mount based on labels and not device names. This functionality 
> has been around for a LONG time. I'm surprised no one else has brought 
> it up.

Sure, but not as long as calling SCSI drives sd? and keeping them the 
same until the hardware changes.  It seems silly to rename things every 
reboot.  And, IIRC, udev was supposed to do away with the need for 
partition labels.

So if you put a new disk in a box, how do you find its name to 
partition/label it?  Yeah, you can look at the /dev/disk/by-* links (as 
long as you don't have two of the same kind of disk).  Still seems silly 
to me not to have a useful default for simple cases where you don't want 
to have to pick a name yourself.

I updated my rules to make my drives sataa, satab, and usba.  Well, the 
USB drive gets renamed just fine (it matches on product since I have 
more than one but they get named the same).  The SATA drives show up as 
sda and sdb--matching on serial isn't working for them.  That's fine 
until one of them shows up as sdc (the USB starting as sda and then 
getting renamed).  I'd like to think that won't happen but that's what I 
thought before I started down this rabbit hole.


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