[lug] CLUE Installfest next Saturday.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Nov 5 22:09:09 MST 2006

Less than a week to go and we're not conflicting with the NFL so you
have no excuse not to be there, right?  Well, if you do have an excuse
put us down as a backup so when your excuse falls through you aren't
stuck watching college ball.  (Apologies to anyone with any opinions
about sports. ;-)

Details are right where you left them, at:


I haven't cleared it with DeVry yet but we'll try to order pizza for
lunch.  It shouldn't be a problem but if you want in on the order be
there by 11 o'clock so we count you.

We had a good time at dinner after the last installfest too, so we may
do the same if anyone makes a good pitch for a place to go.

When this is done I'm going to solicit feedback to work on a howto page
(or "what to expect when you come to installfest").  So if you aren't
sure what to expect be sure to come--you're the target audience for the

I'm behind on getting distros (did I see that FC6 is out now?) but I'll
push to get FC, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, and KNOPPIX up to date, anyway.


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