[lug] Distribution followup

Elyse M. Grasso emgrasso at data-raptors.com
Mon Nov 6 17:44:58 MST 2006

I now have Kubuntu 6.06.1 on the laptop, with the disk split 100megs /boot, 20 
gigs / and the rest /home. I went with (K)Ubuntu because it's a supported 
VMWare host platform with good KDE support.

Reloading my home partition seems to have hosed the fonts in kde (or done 
something strange to the global settings) that using the xorg.conf from SuSE, 
which at least understands wide screen lcds, does not seem to fix. All the 
fonts in places like the kmail folder list  and the Konqueror bookmarks list 
seem to want to be huge. I get 9 less lines of text per screen in the 
bookmarks list, which is a major pain. Does anyone know where those font 
values are set?

The rest of the system is coming along, as I download packages and get things 
reconfigured.  ReaderWare works. VMWare and the local apache2 I use for 
website development get tackled next. Oracle, maybe later in the week.
Elyse Grasso

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