[lug] CLUE Installfest next Saturday: install or upgrade fed core 4->6?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Nov 10 09:29:21 MST 2006

Charles Hutchinson wrote:
> Anaconda, the installer that Fedora/RedHat uses can install over 
> ftp/nfs/http directly from the iso files.  If you boot from one of the 
> floppy/cd images in the images folder of the first CD.  The boot.iso 
> file is a very small cd image.

Well, I'm booting off the network so I don't use boot.iso.  But I use 
the same vmlinuz and initrd.img as the CD does.

> If you boot off of it and chose a network install you can point it at 
> the directory where the iso files are and it will install from there.  
> Nothing else needs to be done with the images.  You don't need to mount 
> them loopback, burn them to disk or unionfs them into one file.

That sounds cool but I don't see it using http.  The installer requests 
disc1/images/minstg2.img and that's what kicks things off.  If I point 
it to a place with the ISOs it still requests the .img and complains 
when it gets the 404.  I wonder what I'm missing?


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