[lug] CLUE Installfest next Saturday: install or upgrade fed core 4->6?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Nov 10 21:05:20 MST 2006

Calvin Dodge wrote:
> So, something like "mount -t iso9660 -o loop DVD-image.iso
> /var/www/html/fc6" (substitute your dvd image and http-accessible
> directory here) would work.  If you have only CD images, then mount
> them all, and symlink their files/folders to your http folder.  The
> DVD method is simpler if you have that image on hand.

Been there, done that, doesn't work.  I had FC5 set up last installfest as:


which is supposedly all it takes but for FC5 it doesn't work.

I thought then that the installer didn't understand multi-disc layouts. 
  Turns out that it does but in a brain damaged way that makes you press 
retry many times.  Here's what bugzilla said when I reported this 

"This should be fixed for post-FC6. We did quite a bit of work on the 
mirror fallover and retry stuff as a result of problems found in this 
particular method. For FC6, you can either go through the tedious method 
of clicking retry for tons of stuff or use a different install method 
(regular HTTP should work fine, or CD ISO method I believe, among the 

It turns out that doing various unionfs tricks don't seem to work any 
better--the installer looks around for various things in the wrong 
places and complains.

So perhaps I'll try NFS and just make the ISOs available that way.  A 
headache because I haven't done NFS before and at this point I won't be 
surprised if that doesn't work either.


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