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Mon Nov 13 19:21:27 MST 2006

You think FAR to much. :D


Nate Duehr wrote:
> Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
>> Has anyone else seen Crew Resource Management in an IT or Systems 
>> context?
> Ohhh, now THAT's it... the big spark of an idea I was looking for.
> I'm a pilot and I completely "get" CRM, and know how it really does do 
> a pretty dang good job of keeping a lot of failure-prone people alive 
> every day.
> Now I'm going to be stewing over this all night -- how to correctly 
> train and apply CRM techniques in IT.  Hell, thinking about how to 
> sales pitch management on trying to use it... hmmmm...
> I can definitely see it working in the Operations side of the house, 
> but lacking a real understanding of the typical software "development 
> process" that happens right at a Software Engineer's desk, I am not 
> sure I'd ever be able to figure out how to teach it to Software 
> Engineers as a methodology.
> Question: Would you consider "pair programming", like what is 
> practiced by the XP methodology folks, similar to CRM techniques in 
> aircraft, minus the refactoring and closed-loop continuous update jive?
> I don't think that quite fits... pair programming is oversight, but is 
> missing the checklists and knowledge of how the pair works together.  
> A good pair might figure that type of thing out on their own, but it's 
> not there naturally.  Hmmm....
> Man that's cool.  CRM in IT.
> Critical checklist items committed to memory AND that memory tested by 
> someone.  Non-critical items on a checklist but known and done 
> instinctively while still referring to the checklist.
> Of course that starts to head toward licensure... which is where the 
> Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Electricians, Plumbers, and all the 
> other Engineers in the world already are... which kinda runs 
> full-circle back to the original discussion.
> CRM techniques are ADVANCED techniques for fully-qualified and 
> licensed professional pilots who had to put in their time at the lower 
> ranks and ratings.  Hmm.
> Many private and other mid-range pilots *use* CRM techniques in their 
> cockpits also, and can seek out CRM training, etc...
> But the higher ranked pilots are TESTED on using the techniques.  
> You're graded on your ability to apply CRM techniques in an airliner 
> cockpit, but you're not in a Cessna.  However, CRM makes BOTH pilots 
> better pilots...
> (I'm sitting here saying, Hmmmm out loud as I'm thinking.  THANKS FOR 
> SHARING THAT THOUGHT EVELYN!... of course, it's now going to take up 
> all my remaining brain-cycles while I drive home... and I was planning 
> on listening to an Aviation podcast too... I'll probably be making 
> correlations in my head all the way home.)
> Nate
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