[lug] Initial impressions of Kubuntu

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Mon Nov 13 23:46:28 MST 2006

In short: not good.

So far I haven't been able to get past "Loading", where it hangs on the
initial boot screen, which really doesn't tell me anything about what's wrong.
Now, it may be that I have a bad CD.  Still, the help menus in the initial
boot haven't given me much confidence.  For example, all through the help
menus, it refers to a "boot prompt", but as far as I can tell never once
describes how to get such a beast.  It's a graphical menu, there should be a
"boot prompt" option on the menu, right?  Wrong.  Well, at least a "boot
prompt" option on the key menu at the bottom, right?  Wrong.  

In one of the help menus, it refers to "expert mode" which is supposedly on
the F3 help page.  The F3 page has the word "expert" on it exactly 0 times.

This is the 6.06 LTS release, which I assume means it has gone through
some quality control.  But it's hard to imagine that they did even cursory
usability testing or quality control of the boot menu given the above.
We're not talking about hundreds of pages of documentation, we're talking
about obvious and important deficiencies on 10 short pages of help.

The only thing I have gotten to work so far is the option to "boot to hard
disk", where Knoppix resides.  :)

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