[lug] Choosing among possible wireless essids

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Wed Nov 15 16:36:23 MST 2006

Daniel Webb wrote:
> On Windows and Mac, the wireless network configuration gives you a pulldown
> list of the seen AP essids to choose from.  KDE does not seem to do this in
> the network configuration utility, it just gives a place to enter an essid.
> Is there a standard was to do this with Linux yet?
I'm using the network-admin which shipped with xubuntu 6.06.  In 
Debian-land, it appears to be in the gnome-system-tools package.  It's 
pretty decent, and when you select the wireless interface it gives you a 
nice drop-down list of visible AP essids.

If you want to stay strictly with kde, have you tried the separate 
KWiFimanager application?  I've just played with it a little, and it at 
least appears to scan for available APs.  In my 5 minutes of playing 
it's not clear how to activate what it sees, but seems it should be 
possible.  It looks like the network configuration utility is a subset 
of what KWiFimanager provides.

Even though I'm generally a kde person, I've been pretty happy with 
network-admin, and since that's what got installed by default, that's 
what I'm using.

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