[lug] SATA cards, list archives

Chip Atkinson chip at pupman.com
Wed Nov 15 21:16:15 MST 2006


I had a question for the list about SATA and USB cards but went to search
the archives, figuring that it had been asked before. 

However, when I went to the archives pages, there was no search page that
I could find.  Is ther such a thing, and if so, can someone tell me where
it is?  (I did find that one can restrict domains on google, so I did that
and didn't find anything that answered my question)

Second, can anyone give advice on a SATA or combined SATA/USB expansion
card?  I saw some advertised on compUSA's website and thought a
combination card might be better than a USB hub.

Thanks in advance.


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