[lug] OT: drive cables

William Petty billpetty at adelphia.net
Wed Nov 22 16:24:18 MST 2006

Cables are available where the drive side is a single SAS drive 
connector with a flying power lead set.
The other ends are a single SATA connector as you described, and a 
male Molex for the power.

I had to borrowed a couple of these for the same reason. The host 
adapter used individual SAS/SATA

Welcome the world of SAS cabling....
  - Single as you described.
  - Dual Ported single drive. (Two SATA connectors)
  - Quad-Wide. (with or without SGPIO) (With or without Power)
  - Mini-SAS quad. (Internal and External versions) (Medusa style and combined)
  - Infiniband style. (Reused)

And you thought SCSI was bad???

P.S. This is BAD practice, but I have shaved off the edge of SATA 
cables and power connectors to allow them to
fit on the SAS drive. I only do this for external drive testing as 
you lose the positive lock for the cable and any
tension will dislodge the data cable.  As for the power cable, really 
bad things can happen if it gets tilted. Trust me
I know!!

At 12:41 PM 11/21/2006, you wrote:
>I'm looking at a controller card with an Adaptec chip in it that 
>runs under the adp94xx driver:
>The manual says it uses SAS cables, but the first 4 channels appear 
>to be normal SATA connectors. An image:
>I know that there are SAS cables which are "clumped" so to speak, 
>and at the other end work with either SAS drives or SATA drives. But 
>what about the SATA style connectors on the controller? Do ordinary 
>SATA cables work for those? I was under the impression that one half 
>of the cable was fully compatible with either SATA or SAS, but the 
>the cable itself was not stock SATA due to the half that goes onto 
>the controller card itself. But maybe that was just for the combined 
>channel style connector and does not apply to the controller 
>connectors which are discreet?
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