[lug] Stopping the New Generation of Spam

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Tue Dec 5 22:57:53 MST 2006

John Dollison wrote:
> Hey, what if we put all our messages on paper, and folded them and put 
> them in little flat paper containters, and wrote the receipient's 
> address on the outside of the container?  Of course, the downside is 
> that we'd have to come up with some sort of collection, sorting, and 
> distribution system to get these "paper e-mails" to their final 
> destination.  And then, of course, someone would probably find some 
> way to charge us for "delivery fees," which could conceivably cost 
> almost 40 cents each.  But I bet it would cut down on useless spam 
> (like this one)...
> OK, I'm done amusing myself... we now return to our regular programming...
> John
No thanks.  I get more paper junk mail than junk email.  I keep wishing 
for a spam filter for the paper.

I went through my mail piles tonight.  I had junk in there back to Feb 
2005 (I do a sort of pre-sort when it comes in and toss the rest in a 
box.)  I had in fact missed some, including a $75 dental care refund 
from my health insurance.  Oh well.  Strangely, that doesn't even bump 
my interest in actually opening my mail.  I suppose that means I'd be 
happy to pay $75 a year for paper spam filtering.  New business idea for 
someone, there. :)

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