[lug] postfix mail preference

bgiles at coyotesong.com bgiles at coyotesong.com
Fri Dec 8 20:38:12 MST 2006

> What do people prefer for database with postfix, and why?

I believe the recommendation is neither.  Maintain your primary
information in whatever database you prefer, but periodically (every 1-5
minutes) poll the database to build and reload the sleepycat dbm files
used by postfix.

It's far faster, decouples the systems so you don't lose mail if you lose
the database, and your lag time is no longer than your periodic polling. 
It's just not as "cool".

This changes if you need to hit the database anyway for other reasons.

(Aside: one of my pet peeves is the apache -> rdbms loggers.  Yes, I wrote
one myself in my misspent youth.  But it's insane.  You should use a
standard logger (to fifo?) and have a second process responsible for
copying that data into the database.)

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