[lug] So much for VMware

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Tue Dec 12 02:44:20 MST 2006

On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 10:51:13PM -0700, Daniel Webb wrote:

> [update] If you try this, get the Xen kernels from unstable (2.6.18), the ones
> in testing crash (kernel panic) if you run three VMs (apparently this is
> widely known).  Hope they get that fixed by the time Etch releases.

Hm.  Today I realized I was running a 2.6.18 Dom0 with 2.6.17 DomUs when they
started hanging and their consoles were showing tons of exceptions flowing by.
I hope that's just because I accidentally mixed kernels and not because Xen is
unstable.  2.6.17 seems to have been a crummy kernel revision, at least with
respect to Xen.

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