[lug] Syslog woes

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Tue Dec 12 19:34:26 MST 2006

I'm trying to reduce the trivial stuff that's going to syslog (like the entire
postfix log of every step of the delivery process for every email like is
default with Etch), and I put this:

*.*;auth,authpriv.none;mail.error       -/var/log/syslog

as the only line in /etc/syslog.conf relating to /var/log/syslog, and then

/etc/init.d/sysklogd restart

but all the Postfix junk is still going to /var/log/syslog.  What gives?  I
also tried "mail.err" instead of "mail.error" since the syslog.conf man page
says "error" is deprecated.  

 1) What am I missing here?

 2) Why is "warn" deprecated in favor of "warning" but "error" is deprecated
    in favor of "err"?  Doesn't make sense.  I get the feeling someone
    somewhere in a dank BOFH basement is chuckling about that one.

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