[lug] Thunderbird Message Editing

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Wed Dec 13 22:15:14 MST 2006

Bill Thoen wrote:

> I just set up Thunderbird on my FC5 machine and I'm having trouble 
> with the cursor leaving little "splats" all over the text when I use 
> the back or forward cursor navigation keys. This junk isn't really in 
> the message because it goes away when I do anything to cause the text 
> line to be repainted, but if I'm editing text and moving the cursor 
> around it's hard to see what I'm doing after a while. It seems to be 
> worse with the default font size, but if I use the next larger font 
> size, it's too big. It looks like the blinking vertical bar cursor 
> isn't painting out its tracks completely as is moved down a line of 
> text. Also when the cursor is stationary the blinking isn't a flashing 
> solid vertical line; it appears irregularly "dashed".

I've seen this with various combinations of software running on X11, and 
the X11 driver itself. When changing between drivers, I've seen it cure 
one app and make another take on the new trait. I believe there is some 
sort of caching or "don't-redraw-what-hasn't-changed" code that doesn't 
work quite right. No idea how to solve it, but others have mentioned 
trying FC6...different distros using the same drivers has worked wonders 
to repair some of these.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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