Postfix mail server (was: Re: [lug] Call for 2007 BLUG speakers)

dio2002 at dio2002 at
Thu Dec 14 18:02:52 MST 2006

> On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 04:51:43PM -0700, dio2002 at wrote:
>>How about setting up a rock solid postfix mail server with spam control
>>(based upon the recent thread)?
> One easy option is to get the vPostMaster install script and run it.
> Those
> two commands pull down a consolidate system of anti-spam, web control
> panel and webmail, etc...  All using postfix as the mail server.  It's
> probably the easiest way to set up a comprehensive mail server using
> Postfix. redirects to the page within
> that has more information.
> Full disclosure: I designed it and implemented most of it.

that looks pretty sweet.  i'm sure it simplifies the whole process and i
will most definitely use it. but i'm still a masochist and i like to do
things the hard way ;-).

actually i just really want to learn the guts and details of how a system
like this is configured as a whole.

my thought was that the presentation would actually get down into the
specifics of doing this by hand.  so you could understand and configure
all of the pieces with first hand knowledge of what's happening behind the
scenes and how they all interrelate.

that way. in the event that something every goes wrong with mail in a
vpostmaster setup, i can use my knowledge/skills to figure out why the
problem is occuring, where to look to fix it and how to manually tweak /
configure the underlying config files, etc.

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