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Dan Ferris dan at usrsbin.com
Thu Dec 14 20:19:58 MST 2006

Be warned that it slows rsync down *a lot* if you turn on verbose or 

I have learned the hard way.


Hugh Brown wrote:
> Paul Nowosielski wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have a rsync permissions problem that I can't figure out. I have a 
>> dev server and a WWW server. I use a simple rsync script to push the 
>> files from dev to www.
>> On the WWW server /var/www is permissioned 775 wwwrun.www .
>> The user who pushes the files is named "back". "back" is in the www  
>> group.
>> When I call the script from dev I get all these permission denied 
>> errors and Im not sure why because its group WWW writable. The only 
>> way I can get this to work is by chmod 777 /var/www then reverting.
>> Any idea??
> You can add --progress --verbose to your rsync to get more feedback.
> There are two sets of permissions here, the permissions on the source 
> and on the destination.  I'm assuming:
> user at dev $  cd /web/devel/tree
> user at dev $  rsync -e ssh -a . back at webhost:/var/www/
> If that's the case, then I'd suspect that the ownership in 
> /web/devel/tree/ doesn't match for a file in webhost:/var/www
> e.g.
>  dev:/web/devel/tree/index.html is owned by "user" but on 
> webhost:/var/www/index.html it is owned by wwwrun.  If you are using 
> --archive (-a) on rsync, then it will try and change the owner from 
> wwwrun to "user" and fail.
> If that's the problem, then look at turning off user/group preservation.
> The other problem would be that "user" on dev is trying to read files 
> locally to push up to the www server and it fails there.
> You can use -vv options to rsync to get even more verbosity.
> A third possibility is that there are subdirectories of 
> webhost:/var/www that don't have group write and therefore can't 
> create new files.
> HTH,
> Hugh
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