[lug] Call for 2007 BLUG speakers

Kenneth D. Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Thu Dec 14 23:09:50 MST 2006

Chris Riddoch wrote:
> Hi, folks.
> If you have any ideas for interesting topics you'd like to hear more
> about at a BLUG meeting, let us know!  Alternatively, If you have
> something interesting you'd like to talk to BLUG about, or know
> someone who would be a good speaker, contact me!

Anyone know anything about these folks:

http://fourthought.com/technology.xml?xslt=index.xslt ?

I was just searching for Linux speakers in Denver and they came up. It 
looks like they're Open Source people and have given presentations before.

> I'm concerned we may be exhausting our regulars' energy for giving
> talks.  I'm especially interested in getting some new speakers who
> aren't regulars!  The sooner we make plans, the better for everyone
> involved.

Is part of the problem the relatively small number of people that 
attend? You can certainly make an argument for the circularity of things 
- not many people attend, so hard to get speakers/overuse the regulars, 
but without doing new things new people don't want to attend, ...

Not that I have any real thoughts on how to change this, but I thought 
I'd bring it up for discussion.

Another thing I'll note - we arent' necessarily the only group with 
these sorts of issues. Since we plan on moving there in a few years I've 
subscribed to the Alaska Linux group. Recently they were discussing the 
upcoming year - here's the relevant post:


Ken Weinert

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