[lug] dns weirdness

Ben bluey at iguanaworks.net
Mon Dec 18 15:10:25 MST 2006

Anyone having problems with accessing Qwest's DNS servers from linux?

I have this configuration:

Linux         ------>
                            Firewall -> Actiontek 701 ---> Internet
Windows   ----->

On the linux box,  the command

host www.google.com

times out. On the windows box, it works fine. (Well, ping www.google.com 
-- I don't know the windows equivalent to host, but it is using the as its dns server)

Now, the actiontek is running linux (busybox login) and it has as its dns server in /etc/resolv.conf file and it appears 
to work fine (host isn't installed, so I can only test things with 
ping). So, if I point the linux box to use the actiontek as a dns 
server, it works fine.

host www.google.com
work fine.

Now this works, except that MX records don't seem to work through the 

bluey at vescent:~$ host www.google.com
www.google.com          CNAME   www.l.google.com
www.l.google.com        A
www.l.google.com        A


bluey at vescent:~$ host -T MX google.com

times out. Any idea on what is going on? I'm wondering if this is some 
firewall issue? But how come the windows boxes work fine, and the 
actiontek linux works, but my debian box can't get dns directly from 
qwest. Any why can't the actiontek forward MX dns records?



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