[lug] dns weirdness

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Mon Dec 18 19:46:47 MST 2006

Ben wrote:
> Anyone having problems with accessing Qwest's DNS servers from linux?
> I have this configuration:
> Linux         ------>
>                            Firewall -> Actiontek 701 ---> Internet
> Windows   ----->
> On the linux box,  the command
> host www.google.com
> times out. On the windows box, it works fine. (Well, ping www.google.com 
> -- I don't know the windows equivalent to host, but it is using the 
> as its dns server)

there's an nslookup on the windows side, though using ping and a dns 
name gets you the same place.

You can also use dig on the linux side, it tends to spew out a bit more 


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