[lug] hacking society tonight (2006-12-21)

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Dec 21 17:53:15 MST 2006

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> However, everyone is welcome to have a on-line hackingsociety from the
> comfort of their own homes. Come join us on the #hackingsociety channel
> on the irc.hackingsociety.org IRC server. 

What's everyone's favorite IRC client?

This might be the first good excuse for getting on IRC I've had.  The 
one other time I tried it I googled for a client and came up with 
something that I didn't like.  But I didn't have a good excuse for being 
there so I didn't make any effort to learn it, so I don't know whether I 
had a bad client or I'm just too old to pick up all these new-fangled 
tools. ;-)


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