[lug] hacking society tonight (2006-12-21)

Collins Richey crichey at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 18:46:45 MST 2006

On 12/21/06, Kenneth D. Weinert <kenw at quarter-flash.com> wrote:
> David L. Anselmi wrote:
> > Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> > [...]
> >> However, everyone is welcome to have a on-line hackingsociety from the
> >> comfort of their own homes. Come join us on the #hackingsociety channel
> >> on the irc.hackingsociety.org IRC server.
> >
> > What's everyone's favorite IRC client?
> I don't know everyone's, but I settled on xchat a long time ago and it
> works for me for what I need it for.

Might help to post some xchat fundamentals. I seldom find time to
participate in irc (theold 24-hour day problem). When I do, I waste a
lot of time trying to remember how to make the gizmo work.

Collins Richey
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