[lug] A talk on Xen?

Chris Riddoch riddochc at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 16:18:09 MST 2007

On 1/9/07, Sean Reifschneider <jafo at tummy.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 04:11:03PM -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> >I haven't really used Xen in depth enough to give an in depth talk on
> >it...
> I do have a talk on Xen, but I can't give it this Thursday.  I would be
> happy to give it April through July.

That's fine. How about June, then?

Conveniently, I've probably got a speaker for March, too... but it's
looking like this Thursday will make a better hacking society than a
normal meeting, for lack of a speaker. Oh, well.

I'd much rather plan things out further in advance. It's far less
stressful on everyone involved, speaking particularly for myself.
Usually, the problem is finding any speaker at all, whether it's right
away or months from now.  I assume the other LUGs are also having a
hard time of it?

The hardest part of running this show is finding speakers -- most of
the Linux people I know are, naturally, part of BLUG.  I'm *very*
reliant on other people for leads, and it's certainly worth giving
credit where it's due - for example, Jeff Haemer has been great at
providing leads and letting me hassle his friends. ;)

It's also important to give more credit where it's due - to those
individuals who can pull a talk out of a hat and have saved many a
meeting, particularly Kevin Fenzi and Jeremy Hinegardner.  Thanks,

epistemological humility
  Chris Riddoch

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