Booting from 8GB USB flash memory sticks? (was RE: [lug] Next Install Fest)

siegfried siegfried at
Wed Jan 10 11:44:42 MST 2007

I just had another thought: I've been google searching for the procedure to
boot from a USB flash memory stick. I think this would be an extremely
useful thing to do. Does anyone know how to do this? I have a few links I'm
currently reading up on that I have found by google searching and posting
queries in forums. Someone in some forum explained that FC6 requires 7GB. I
just found some 8GB flash memory USB sticks for $100. 16GB and 32GB sticks
are available for more $.

Would this be a topic for a monthly meeting or an install fest? Has anyone
done this? I would love to have a meeting where we have a presentation on
booting from a USB memory stick followed by a laboratory exercise where we
all configure our computers to boot from our own flash memory sticks.


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>> I'd be interested in doing this too.  Anyone have experience installing
>> gentoo on an Intel box using an IDE-compact-flash card (using jffs2)
>> instead of a HD?
>Well, in that case, it sounds like perhaps an installfest really is in
>order.  Can someone help organize it?  We'll need a location with good
>'net access, easy parking close by, and an appropriate day to do it,
>if we don't just shrug and let people show up to Hacking Society with

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