[lug] CLUE installfest 24 Feb up north, eh.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jan 10 18:39:42 MST 2007

The next CLUE installfest will be on 24 Feb from 8am to 3pm at DeVry.
Thanks to Joanne Yamaguchi for arranging it for us.  Please see:


for details.  (The CLUE server is having some issues so please try back
if it isn't answering.)

We've lost our sponsor for south installfests so if you know of space we
can use on the south side of town please let me know.  Otherwise we will
be doing them up north only (and probably quarterly rather than bi-monthly).

The ideal space has:
- room for 30+
- extra rooms for presentations
- power, network, and KVM connections
- WiFi
- easy access
- coffee and other drinks
- is available for about 8 hours on Saturday
- is located south of downtown and near a highway

Obviously we can get by with much less than that--space, power, and
network may be about the minimum.

Please ask around and see if you can find us something as nice as
Batky-Howell was.


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