[lug] Next Install Fest

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jan 10 19:03:17 MST 2007

Chris Riddoch wrote:
> Well, in that case, it sounds like perhaps an installfest really is in
> order.  Can someone help organize it?  We'll need a location with good
> 'net access, easy parking close by, and an appropriate day to do it,
> if we don't just shrug and let people show up to Hacking Society with
> machines.
> Any volunteers?

I've just posted about the next CLUE 'fest in Feb.  As it happens that 
one will be up north, 120th between US-36 and I-25.  Is that too far to 
go from Boulder?  It's only half as far as I go to get there.

DeVry has pretty good space/parking/etc. so I'd be happy to have BLUG 
people come.  Especially some of the experienced people who can lend a hand.

I'd be happy to see BLUG do installfests too, but until a coordinator 
and space show up feel free to join us.


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