Booting from 8GB USB flash memory sticks? (was RE: [lug] Next Install Fest)

David L. Anselmi anselmi at
Wed Jan 10 19:09:37 MST 2007

Stephen Queen wrote:
> I got grub to load from the MBR of a 1 GB stick once. I didn't have a
> kernel or anything for it to boot, I was just playing.
> I have loaded linux on a 20 GB USB Hard Drive for some people at work,
> that didn't want to modify there company supplied laptops, but were
> interested in running linux. It is a fairly simple process. Most of it
> involves either configuring initrd to load the correct drivers and
> then doing the pivot-root correctly, or maybe just compiling the
> kernel with the drivers. I haven't tried the 2nd method so I don't
> know how well it works.

I would think the Debian installer would put a correct initrd and MBR on 
a USB drive.  You can install Debian with KDE in less than 2GB (if you 
don't just select "install everything").

If I have a box that supports USB boot I'll try it sometime.


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